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Thrifted Aztec Pocket Jean Shorts

Thrifted Aztec Pocket Jean Shorts

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These 5 adorable bottoms are hand sewn with the very best quality threads and materials!!

A little about my experience with shorts like these:

- You barely notice the extra fabric on the back pocket

- Super easy to wash, just don't be too rough with it!

- Perfectly fine with water and everyday use!

In order, here are the five different shorts and their details: (in inches)

1) seven 7 jean shorts: 

    waist: 31.5

    hip: 34-35

    rise: 9

    inseam: 1.5

2) Wrangler


    hip: 36-37

    rise: 13

    inseam: 3.5

    tag size: 11x32

3) Lee Riders

    waist: 29

    hip: 34-35

    rise: 9.5

    inseam: 2.5

4) Levi's 545 cropped

    waist: 32

    hip: 34.5-35

    rise: 8.5

    inseam: 3.5

5) American Eagle "Super Stretch"

    waist: 28-29.5

    hip: 29-30.5


    inseam: 3.25

    *slight wear on the legs, and stretch in the waist*

if you're wondering how I measure, go to the last slide.

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