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Red, White, and Reworked Kimes Ranch Jeans

Red, White, and Reworked Kimes Ranch Jeans

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READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN FULL! You are not purchasing Kimes Ranch Jeans from me, ONLY THE CUSTOMIZATION! Failure to follow the instructions results in a no refund no order fulfillment. Chat us with any questions!  

These jeans took Pinterest by storm in 2021, and were officially debuted by Avery Jones at the NFR in 2023! 

Purchasing these jeans can be done in two different ways. Please read both description in full!

Option One: New Jeans

Purchase a new pair of jeans from or another certified retailer. Make the shipping address of the order: Lady May Shop, PO Box 1211, Madison, GA 30650 for a no-hassle shipping to us! Once we receive the jeans, and you have paid for the customization in full, we will email you that we recieved them and start customization. Expect no more than a 6-week turnaround time on the jeans - thank you for your patience! 

Things to note: We prefer for you to be in contact with us over email the entire time of the customization. After you order the jeans and pay for customization by adding this item to your cart, go ahead and shoot an email with your Lady May Shop order number, Kimes order number & tracking, and any other notes you may have! 

Option Two: Customizing a pair you already own

If you have a pair of Kimes Ranch jeans at home that you'd like to revamp, go no further! You can send your Kimes jeans to us directly (the customer pays for shipping to us). Just put your Kimes Ranch Jeans in a secure USPS mailer and mail them to: Lady May Shop, PO Box 1211, Madison, GA 30650. You will have already paid for the customization, so go ahead and shoot an email to with your USPS tracking number and any order notes you may have!

If you have any questions about these options, email or chat with us! We are trying to make this process as seamless and smooth as possible. 

Important note: If you send us a pair of jeans that do not have an official Kimes Ranch stamp on them, we will not go through with the customization. This product is not to take any income away from the amazing Kimes Ranch Brand, but rather to add something special to these incredible jeans! Sending us a pair of non-kimes ranch jeans is a BIG NO and will result in a cancellation of the order with no refund.


Can I pick any pair of Kimes Ranch Jeans? Yes! Any pair, men or womens, will work great! 

Can I customize the jeans to my taste? As of right now, we are only adding the red white, and blue pockets to the jeans. The jeans pockets will look exactly the same as the photos. 

Am I getting a pair of Kimes Jeans for only $68? No, the customization of the jeans is the item you will be buying. The customer provides the jeans (which MUST be official Kimes Ranch Jeans).

What happens if I don't read the instructions and still purchase? Don't be a silly cowgirl, read and understand everything we put above. Lady May Shop Staff is here for you, and to help clarify everything, every step of the way!

You must ship your jeans to us (or order them if you choose option one) within THREE DAYS of purchasing & paying for customization. Money does not get refunded, period. 

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